A Kitten “Newborn” Session

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t giddy like a schoolgirl about capturing these images.  Honestly, I expected this to be a complete disaster, and I went into it hoping by some miracle I would get one good shot.  This is after all the same kitten who tears through my house knocking over and chewing up everything in his path, and thinks 3:00 am is a great time to use me has his own personal jungle gym.  Most of my concern came from the fact I’ve been so busy I figured if this was going to have worked, I should have done it when he was younger, for the same reason I photograph newborns between 4-14 days old.  They are typically so darn sleepy you can move them around without waking them.

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This little cutie is now 15 weeks old and is the newest member of our family.  My husband calls him Tuco.  His name was Frito when we got him, which I didn’t love, so I have tried out Mini-Meow, Corn Chip, Bad Kitty and a few others, but I’m still not sold on any of them.  Poor kid is going to end up with an identity crisis!  I imagine at this point Tuco is probably going to stick.

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I’m sure my husband thought I was nuts when I asked him to come to the studio to help me out.  But him thinking I’m nuts is not anything new!  Thankfully Jimmy is a patient guy and puts up with the majority of my shenanigans.

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I am absolutely in love with this little bear I picked up from the TinaBoBeanies Etsy shop!  I used it during a real newborn session earlier this week, so you will be seeing it again on the blog soon.

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“Um, Mom.  What’s going on?”

headshot brevard county florida

And of course I couldn’t let him leave the studio without a proper “headshot”.  If he keeps chewing up my stuff he’s going to have to go find a job soon to pay for the damages.

So how did I do it?  This really was a combination of a lot of luck and some thoughtful preparation.  I brought him over in the evening around the time he typically starts to mellow out.  I worked at my desk for about an hour with him there, so he had time to explore and get comfortable with the space.  I would occasionally trigger my studio lights so he would get used to the noise and the flash.  I put the tie on him for a bit, knowing initially he was going to fight to get it back off, and I left the props out for him to check out.  Once he stopped exploring and laid down on the window sill by my desk, I crossed my fingers and got to work.  I had to laugh because I really did pull out some of the same “baby whispering” techniques I would use in a real newborn session.  I put him in the prop and then softly rubbed his nose to soothe him until he fell asleep.  Once he was asleep I would take some “safe shots” to ensure I had a shot, even if it wasn’t perfect, in case he woke back up, and then I would work on moving him into a more ideal position.

So there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed the images as much as I enjoyed sharing them!  Please contact me if you are interested in booking a newborn session – furry or human.


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