Baby Dylan is Back!

I know I say this a lot…but, I loved this session so much!  I’m sure a lot of you remember this sweet little face from when we raised money for the Tiny Wings Foundation during their charity calendar contest at the end of last year and baby Dylan’s photo was the January image.

Cocoa Beach florida baby photography

Well he has only gotten cuter and Mr. Dylan is now 9 months old!  I was so excited Jenn was down for us using the boat again to show how much he has grown.  I could NOT believe he tolerated us putting the pirate eye patch on him, it still fit, AND we got a couple cute pictures with it before he was done with our shenanigans.

Cocoa Beach florida baby photography (2)

Since we used the American flag in his newborn session, I thought it would be cool to tie that into this session as well.  Why do they have to grow up so fast???

Cocoa Beach florida baby photography (3)

I have told Jenn on many occasions about the baby crush I have on Dylan.  He has one of those smiles that completely lights up the room and it doesn’t matter what my mood his, when his sweet little face pops up in my Facebook feed, I can’t help but smile.  I can’t even imagine how much bigger he’s going to be at his next session!

Cocoa Beach florida baby photography (4)





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