River’s Horse Inspired Sessions

Let me tell you, if you contact me to schedule a session and ask if I would MIND coming to your 60 acre horse farm to photograph your session, the answer will always be not at all! 🙂  Not only were there horses, gorgeous oak trees and a really cool trailer, but Jenn and her family are fantastic! I had no idea these gorgeous properties were even over in Cocoa!


I love Jenn’s tattoo with her firstborn’s name on her arm.



I’m sure horses are going to become a big part of his life as well, so it only made sense to tie them into River’s newborn session too. I put a ton of pressure on myself when there is an specific image I want to capture and with newborn photography there is no guarantee your subject will cooperate with every pose and prop you have planned.  I was thrilled the saddle shots worked out!


It’s fun getting to work with older siblings who can follow directions and really be a big part of the session.  You can already tell Brady is a fantastic big brother.


River’s nursery isn’t actually horse themed, and Jenn did want to hang a piece of art in the nursery, so I was sure to design images to coordinate with his room as well.  This is the image she picked for her large canvas.




This job never gets old.  I would love to work with you and your family too.  Please contact me to schedule a consultation.

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