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Maternity Sessions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

As much as you deserve to feel beautiful in your maternity photos, you aren’t really capturing these images for you.

You’re taking them for your unborn child. You want them to say, “you were wanted”, “you were loved…even before you were here”, “we couldn’t wait to meet you”… these images are the first visual love story to your child.

Due to the time dedicated to the experience for each one of our clients, the number of sessions we take is limited each month. Booking early is the only way to guarantee session availability, so we recommend contacting us as early as possible. This allows ample time to custom design a session just for you.
That being said, we understand life gets busy, especially when you’re making arrangements for a new little person to join your family! Please feel free to contact us for last minute bookings, and we will be happy to accommodate you if the studio schedule allows.

Maternity sessions are typically scheduled between 34-36 weeks of pregnancy, when you are still feeling well and your bump is nice and round. However, if we have availability to book a last minute session, we can do so anytime up until your baby is born. If you are expecting multiples, or your pregnancy is high risk, we may schedule earlier depending on the circumstances. Each pregnancy and woman’s body is unique, so we are happy to adjust the date of your session as it gets closer, if needed.

Maternity sessions can take place at our private studio in Merritt Island, or at an outdoor location of your choosing based on the look and style of the portraits you are wanting.

In order to take advantage of the best lighting available, outdoor sessions are one hour and will typically start the hour before sunset, with time for one wardrobe change if you would like. There are no timing or lighting restraints with an in-studio session, so depending on the number of wardrobe changes you would like, sessions can take anywhere from 1-3 hours.

Absolutely! While some mothers choose to be photographed by themselves, this is a precious addition to your family and we are happy to include your significant other, your other children, if this is not your first baby, or anyone else you may want to have in your portraits. We will discuss this during the planning process to determine who you’d like to be photographed.

Your maternity photography experience includes a pre-session planning consultation to design a session that allures to both your personality and the areas of your home where you would like to display your artwork. We have a variety of maternity clothing, gowns and accessories available you may choose to wear for your session, or in combination with your own wardrobe.

The sweet clients who have previously booked with us do so because they are looking to have a specialized experience through each step of the process with a seasoned photographer. Throughout the maternity session process, you can expect to be pampered and comfortable, and feel beautiful with your changing body in front of the camera. From experience, we’ve found the majority of clients who only receive digital files share them online, but never end up designing and ordering their own products to showcase in their homes. From the initial session planning, to product design, we walk you through each step to ensure your memories are beautifully captured and ready to enjoy! Our clients leave with captured memories and gorgeous products to showcase this amazing experience.

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