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Newborn girl in wheelbarrow prop surrounded by oranges

Newborn Sessions

Their first breath will take yours away!

Your newborn baby is a miracle in your life. Celebrate and capture this incredible time with a custom photography session, and tell your family’s story one picture at a time.

Newborn photography sessions are perfect for any parent wanting to capture the fleeting moments and tiny details of their precious new baby.

Absolutely! This is a precious addition to your family and we are happy to include anyone you would like to have in your portraits. Please make sure to let us know in advance if there will be anyone else joining you.

Due to the time dedicated to the experience for each of our clients, the number of sessions we take are limited each month. Booking early is the only way to guarantee session availability, and we recommend contacting the studio at least 2-3 months before your due date. This also allows ample time to custom design a session just for you, and gives you one less thing to do when your baby arrives.

However, if you were unable to schedule a session before your baby’s birth, please feel free to contact us for last minute bookings, and we will be happy to accommodate you if the studio schedule allows.

Newborn babies are ideally photographed 1-2 weeks after birth, when they are still nice and sleepy, and are easier to pose. Newborns can be, and sometimes are, photographed older than 2 weeks for reasons such as pre-maturity or accommodating last minute bookings. Since due dates are only an estimate for when your baby will actually arrive, your session date will be finalized after birth.

All newborn sessions will take place at our private studio in Merritt Island. Here you will have access to all of our hand-curated props, newborn outfits, and accessories. You will be able to come relax and let us take care of all the work.

Sessions are never rushed, and we ask you to allow 4 hours for your session to ensure there is plenty of time for feedings, changing and soothing your baby as needed.

Your newborn photography experience includes a pre-session planning consultation to choose colors and props to compliment your home and baby’s nursery, and discuss the collection of products we offer, so you can start thinking about the best way for your family to cherish these images. Once your baby arrives, we will finalize the date and have your session. After we have captured your memories, we will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio for your post session ordering appointment where your gorgeous images will be revealed. We will show you the custom wall displays and heirloom products we’ve designed, and guide and assist you through the image and product decision-making process. The chosen images will receive master art retouching prior to product orders being placed.

The sweet clients who have previously booked with us ultimately decided to do so because they were looking for a full service experience, with a safe and educated photographer who specializes in newborn photography. Having a brand new baby at home can be challenging enough. By finalizing a plan for your memories before they happen, you can rest assured this will be taken care of for you, giving you more time to spend with your little one. Throughout our time photographing newborns, we have found the majority of clients receiving only digital files unfortunately never had the time to design and curate these images into artwork. From the initial session planning to product design, we are with you throughout the process to ensure these images will be expertly crafted and turned into heirloom treasures. Our clients choose us because they know at the end of their experience they will be leaving with gorgeous products they can cherish for years to come.

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Swaddled newborn baby posed in bucket
Newborn baby girl holding bunny
Mom with newborn baby and toddler laying down with kids on either side
Newborn Portrait, Parents with 3 kids
Newborn baby boy in teal wrap
Newborn holding bunny in basket surrounded by flowers
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Newborn baby posed in seashell