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Newborn posed tucked in sleeping with clouds and star props placed around his head.

10 Tips for Designing a Dreamy Nursery

As an experienced newborn and maternity photography studio in the Merritt Island, Florida area, we’ve had the pleasure of peeking into countless nurseries over the years. From minimalistic and practical to ornate and extravagant, one thing always shines through: the love and devotion poured into crafting a cozy haven for the newest family member. So, whether you’re a first-time mama or a seasoned pro, we’ve gathered our top 10 tips to help you create a swoon-worthy nursery that’s as functional as it is fabulous.
Newborn baby boy wrapped in blue posed in a moon prop.

A Tale of Themes and Color Schemes

Before you dash out to buy that adorable elephant rocker and matching bedding, pause and ponder your nursery’s theme or color scheme. This crucial first step helps ensure a cohesive look and prevents a hodgepodge of mismatched decor. Popular nursery themes include animals, nature, and sports – but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If bold themes aren’t your style, consider a calming color scheme with shades of blue or green.
Remember, your baby will grow fast, so choose a theme or color scheme that will grow with him/her. You might not want to redo the entire room two years down the line when your little one outgrows the baby phase.

High-Quality Furniture: A Wise Investment

You and your bundle of joy will be spending plenty of quality time in the nursery, so invest in furniture that’s built to last. Look for a sturdy crib, changing table, and dresser made from non-toxic materials and free of sharp edges or corners. Bonus points for convertible furniture that adapts as your child grows, like a crib that transforms into a toddler or full bed
– your wallet will thank you later.
Also, don’t forget storage! You’ll need ample space for diapers, clothes, and toys. Seek out furniture with built-in storage, like a crib with drawers or a bookshelf that doubles as a toy chest.

Infuse Personality with Personal Touches

Give your nursery that special something by incorporating personal touches that reflect your unique style. A cherished blanket, a curated collection of favorite children’s books and/or a handmade mobile can all add warmth and charm.

Set the Mood with Soft Lighting

Creating a serene atmosphere is a must in any nursery, and soft lighting plays a key role. Opt for lamps or fixtures with dimmer switches to easily adjust the ambiance. Twinkle lights or a nightlight can also add a touch of coziness. When selecting lighting, consider the various tasks at hand: bright lights for diaper changes, dimmer options for feedings and bedtime. Seek out lighting that’s both functional and beautiful, so that you have it all covered.

Let the Walls Talk

A gallery wall featuring maternity and newborn portraits or a curated collection of favorite children’s books can also make the space feel more like home, and a full service professional photographer can help you pre-plan the space you’ll want to leave to hang that artwork.

Take a Seat

With all the feeding, rocking, and reading you’ll be doing in that nursery, comfortable seating is a must. Choose a rocking chair, glider, or plush armchair that’s supportive and cozy. Many parents also appreciate having a stool for added comfort during feedings.

Safety First!

Always prioritize safety when designing your baby’s nursery. Follow guidelines for furniture and decor, like ensuring a snug fit for crib mattresses and avoiding bumper pads. Steer clear of window blinds with cords, and secure furniture to the walls. Peace of mind is priceless.

Functionality Meets Style

Thoughtful planning goes a long way in creating a functional nursery layout. Consider the placement of the crib, changing table, and other furniture to maximize efficiency. For example, position the crib near a window for natural light, and set up a designated diaper changing and feeding area for easy access to supplies.
Newborn baby in a purple floral romper holding a teddy bear lying on a bed prop.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Designing your baby’s nursery should be a joyous experience, so let loose and have fun with it! Embrace your inner interior designer and create a space that reflects your personality and style. After all, this is your chance to bring those Pinterest boards to life! If you get overwhelmed, you can reach out to an interior designer to help bring your vision together.
With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a space that’s equally functional and fabulous. When the walls are painted and the room is ready for you to plan the artwork we would love to hear from you. Our passion for capturing life’s most precious moments ensures beautiful, timeless images you’ll treasure forever. Contact us today to schedule your sessions in Brevard County and check one more item off your baby-to-do list! You can call (321) 430-4092, email us or reach out via our website contact page.

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